Promises Written in Water     © 2010


Not currently planned for release

Synopsis / Plot

Promises Written in Water is an extremely stripped down abstract romantic story of a man and a woman, both in crisis.

Kevin (Vincent Gallo) is a long-time, professional assassin, specializing in the termination of life. Mallory (Delfine Bafort) is a wild, poetic, beautiful young woman confronting her terminal illness and eventual suicide. She reaches out to Kevin to take responsibility for her corpse once she passes, requesting his protection of her dead body’s dignity until her cremation. Kevin’s acceptance of this request causes uncomfortable self-reflection and changes the lens through which he views death.


Gallo began shooting this highly conceptual film without following any traditional program of production or pre-production, and instead began filming without any preparation or a traditional script, never allowing anyone from his cast or crew in on the film’s ultimate vision.

Vincent Gallo has forever rejected any explanation of the concept, story, process, or rumors surrounding the making of his new film, stating, “None of it would fit easily into tabloid format, and so writers and journalists would be forced into simplistic interpretations to avoid their own shortcomings and the shortcomings of the press in general.”

Though Gallo understands his silence may excite journalists and bloggers into easy brush-offs and perpetuate unsubstantiated rumors and hearsay, he still chooses to disconnect from the low frequency exchange required to communicate with the press.

Promises Written in Water was filmed on location in Los Angeles, CA on black and white film stock. The film is unrated.

Directed by Vincent Gallo

Written by Vincent Gallo

Produced by Vincent Gallo

Executive Producer Vincent Gallo Films / Gray Daisy Films USA

Original Music by Vincent Gallo

Cinematography Masanobu Takayanagi

Film Edited by Vincent Gallo

Art Direction Vincent Gallo

Production Coordinator Catherine Doran

RUNNING TIME 75 minutes


  • Vincent Gallo
  • Delfine Bafort
  • Lisa Love
  • Sage Stallone
  • Hope Tomaselli
  • Brenda Epperson
  • Livia Trevino
  • Patrick O’Connor
  • Nathalie Love
  • Kevin
  • Mallory
  • Grieving Widow
  • Mafioso
  • Dead Girl
  • Mortician
  • Dead Girl’s Mother
  • Dead Girl’s Father
  • Waitress


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